Drink to Your Health

Many UTIs will respond to natural medicine, with herbal teas being particularly effective because the liquid has the advantage of direct surface contact with the bladder. For fairly severe infections, it may be best to use an aggressive approach by combining an herbal tea along with a tincture of one of these herbs, mannose powder and an herb such as echinacea (Echinacea spp.) for immune support. Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) juice is known by the general public for treating UTIs; however, consuming juice containing sugar and corn syrup is harmful and may actually promote infection, so be sure to drink unsweetened cranberry drinks only.

brMannose is found in cranberries and other plants historically reported to be useful for bladder infections. It deters the ability of E.coli to adhere to the bladder mucosa and lead to an infection. It is available as a purified powder and is more effective than cranberry juice. Mannose can be taken in 1/2 teaspoon doses as often as hourly for acute infections and may be placed directly in herbal teas or drinking water.

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