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This one is a mouthful polypodium leucotomos extract. Call it PLE-and if you’re concerned about aging skin, you might be interested in this supplement. Taken from a tropical fern, PLE has been tested in published research. One study suggests the extract can help preserve the supportive architecture of your skin, called fibroblasts. By building and restoring  collagen, it helps prevent-and potentially alleviate- wrinkles and sagging skin. It could even prevent sun damage, according to one research. By making the skin more resistant to UV damage, PLE allows your skin to withstand more sun exposure-and it could reduce the risk of skin cancer. In studies, people typically get about 500 milligrams a day.  uv




Because the sun is so hard on your skin, you should also make sure you’re getting selenium-it seems to help protect against skin aging and skin cancers. It supports collagen and can help maintain skin elasticity. Some good food sources of the mineral include seafood, garlic, whole grains, and eggs.

Animal research on the mineral is even more promising: Studies suggest that when researchers give animals L-selenomethionine-a form of selenium-it wards off skin cancer.

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