Press This Hidden ‘Button’ On Your Body To Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety Within Seconds

For over 2,500 years last practice of Chinese medicine. It is in fact the efficient method to treat health problems like stress and anxiety.

Each individual possesses specific acupressure points throughout their body , according to the traditional Chinese medicine. Acupressure points lie on energy meridians. Our life force, flows through these meridians.

With the help of acupressure are stimulated the areas that are not functioning as well as they should be. In fact they stimulate activity in those areas which are sore and need to be taken care of.

There are 12 of these energy meridians which connect to major organs, as well as help keep the body in balance, according to Chinese medicine. The entire body will not function to its fullest and healthiest capacity if a single meridian is not functioning properly.

Exist acupressure points for alleviating stress and anxiety. We can reduce the ill effects of stress and anxiety on our health if we apply pressure to certain parts of the body. This process uses the involvement of fingers while acupuncture uses needle.

Immediate relief is felt by a person if pressure is applied to the CV 17 area. CV 17 mean ‘conception vessel 17’, the center of the chest. The middle of your chest will be slightly painful when you will apply pressure to it if you ever feeling plagued by stress and anxiety.

For the heart-energy center of the body or the heart chakra the CV 17 area is crucial. The heart center is associated with the body’s emotions, according to traditional Chinese medicine. You feel joyous and will have harmonious relationship with everything around you when this center is functioning properly then. This area becomes sore and puts you in an irritable mood if you are stressed.

Location of CV 17 contributes to balancing the levels of yin and yang energy levels within the body because it  restore the balance to our physical and emotional senses.

By applying little pressure on CV 17 area that also  boost out immune system the imbalances in our nervous system can be treated

To locate your CV 17 area and further to apply acupressure you can follow these instructions:

  • The middle of your chest will be slightly painful when you will apply pressure to it if you ever feeling plagued by stress and anxiety.
  • The location of the CV 17 area four finger-widths  is above the base of the breastbone- almost directly in the center of your chest.
  • You need to put the tips of your fingers inside the small indention in this area. Now slowly rub up using light pressure, and down the center of your breastbone until you find the right spot that  is sore.
  • Than you need to straighten your spine and sit upright and place your palms together with your fingers pointed toward the ceiling .This is  the prayer pose.
  • When you are in the prayer pose, with the help of  the back of your thumb knuckles to apply gentle pressure into the center of your CV 17 for almost 2 – 3 minutes.
  • You should lose eyes and breathe deep.
  • The head  must be upright and  your neck and shoulders need to be relax.
  • To fall asleep at night you can gently tap this area with your fingers.

For people who have chronic fatigue, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and hormonal imbalances CV 17 pressure area is also helpful.


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