The Victoria’s Secret Angels worked super-hard at getting in camera-ready shape. In these article YagoChat brings you four exclusive workouts with a 20 minute workout video with Lily Aldridge. For each of the below moves do four sets of eight reps. It is important to stretch before and in-between each workout

The Move: Leg Lifts

You should start laying on your left side, flat against the floor. On your left upper arm rest your head. You should bend your right (top) leg at the knee and cross over in front of left leg, resting your right arm on your right hip. In that time keep left leg straight. Lift left leg about six inches off floor using inner thigh muscle. Slowly lower your leg using resistance with the inner thigh muscle.

The Move: Outer Thigh Lifts

It is time to work that right leg. Lay on your left side, and extend your right leg up, with hips parallel, pulling in with your stomach. First hold up, then do circles, stabilizing your movements with your core.

The Move: One-Legged Bridge

You should lay flat with your back against the mat. With the stomach pull in and lift up your hips until your feet are in demi pointe. To modify keep feet flat. Than lift right leg, and extend hips up. You need to lower the leg, make one more bridge and put leg down and repeat.

The Move: Lunge With Swan Arms

Stand up with pen toes, bend both knees down into pile position. Stretch up, extending elbows high and lift onto back toe.

You can find more tips at Ballet Beautiful with Lily’s trainer Mary Helen Bowers. This practice, comprised of targeted exercises and stretches sculpt and tone sleek, ballerina-style muscles, and has benefits including incredible posture and a super-strong core.


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